Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This was the life story of Biggie Smalls, AKA Notorious B.I.G.

I was a pretty big fan of his back in the day.....and was sad to see him die.

That said, this was a pretty good movie, although it was rather choppy, I think they could have made it a three hour movie and held it good with a little more flow.

I think it was an interesting choice to have Angela Bassett play his mother, without even trying a Jamaican accent......

I loved that they played back from his childhood, and not just once he was famous.

Worth the watch....

Unknown Sister

Titanic 3D

Well.....as 3D, this was terrible...the best 3D effects were at the beginning when they were underwater looking for the safe. They totally wasted it....I should have felt water coming at me when it was rushing down, felt the ship falling into the ocean as it raced to it's demise.....The story itself was as wonderful as always, but the 3D was just a wasted effect....

That said, I LOVE the story of this movie.....I love the whole forbidden love story, and the fight to do what is in your heart when it is different from what is in your mind. That is something most people stuggle with in everyday life.....so it makes for an interesting story to play out.

It is amazing to think that there were so many wasted lives, esp ones that could have been saved. That part always tears me up.....esp when you see the old couple laying in bed together, the mother tucking her children in with a good night story, and mostly, when the priest is praying with people falling down all around him and holding onto his hand for dear life.

What a terrible tragedy. May God have mercy on all the souls of the real victims.

Unknown Sister

21 Jump Street

This was a great flick!  I love the play on the 80's show, and the cameo at the end is well worth the wait. 

It was funny and action packed......I did not even feel the need to check my watch!  Good storyline, and great acting.....do see this....

Unknown Sister

American Reunion

This was classic American Pie....I loved the first three, and if you did too, do not miss out on this one.  The storyline was great, and funny as hell......to see all the old crew back was great too.....esp the cameos at the end....

Some of the scenes really made it hard to hold in the laughter.....I esp liked the front yard fight scene at the party....outfits and all!!  And as usual, Jim's dad steals a lot of the scenes.

Not much else to say, it is a comedy, and it will make you laugh, go see it!!

Unknown Sister

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Friends With Kids

Alright, movie review time again, nice to be able to do one at a time....lol

Last night, I went to see Friends With Kids.  It was alright.  I did not mind seeing it, but would not have picked it myself.  The first part of the movie was very funny, I did laugh out loud quite a few times.  All the funny stuff between adults and then the new parents trying to figure out how to handle things, was also very funny.  However, about half way through the movie, it became, she loves him, he is involved, he loves her, she is involved, and that is where I get bored.  But the time it was over, I was WELL ready for it to end.  Not terrible, but not wonderful either.

Next week: 21 Jumpstreet

Thats all for now folks

Unknown Sister

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello readers!! Finally I have time to write something from the comfort of my home...

I am not even sure what to write about, so much as happened this winter. And what a beautiful winter it was, not much snow, not much cold, it was great.  I only pulled my winter coat out for two day, TWO DAYS ALLWINTER!!  I never once wore boots, in fact, I did not even have to buy boots for G.

Now, it is spring, and people are telling me that we are not out of the woods yet, but I beg to differ.  The forecast says temps of average 22C over the next two weeks, I cannot believe we would have snow after that.  And do I ever love spring/summer, it has always been my favorite time of year, and for good reason.  Not only is the weather nicer, and you can do more, but you do not have to deal with snow and crap.  Also, my friends that leave for the winter all come home, and it is right on the cusp of Easter, which, by far, is my favorite holiday.  Easter is just the best time of year.  Thanksgiving is fun, and Christmas is alright, but Easter to me is just magical.  Being a believer in Jesus, the season of Lent just gives me so much faith, and Easter is a joyous occasion at my place. 

I have watched several movies over the last couple months, I love to be able to give reviews here, so, I would like to give a recap of what I have watched recently since I was not here to review it at the time…although I cannot really give full reviews, as that would be a VERY long blog, here is what I thought about each movie. So, in order, since Tower Heist, which was the last movie I reviewed here, this is what I have watched:

A Lesson Before Dying

This is one of those movies that leaves you feeling sad and depressed.....but, are important to watch, so that history does not repeat itself and we move forward instead of back.....excellent story and cast!

Just Go With It

Not bad for a chick flick (which usually is not my thing)

A Perfect Getaway

Slow at the beginning, but loved how it turned out

Jack and Jill

The cast, and cameos were AMAZING....some of the people, like Dana Carvy and David Spade were even hard to see if you did not know them well, (I do, I LOVE Dana)....the plot was good, and the comedy was fair, not Sandler's best work, but not bad either, and the storyline with Pacino was great!!

Peep World

It was slow, and did not really have a point, and then ended as abruptly as it started....strange movie....main reason I watched this movie was Michael C. Hall

Love Crimes of Kabul

This literally blew my mind.....I cannot believe those poor woman live that like.....worth the watch.....

The Dilemma

Not bad….had some funny parts

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (American)

MUCH better than the first time around.....normally, I like movies that are subtitled, but perhaps here, too much was lost in the translation....this time around, I enjoyed it much more....although, this in a movie you REALLY have to pay attention to, or you get lost very easy, as there are many characters, and a few different storylines going on.....

Mr. Nice

Chloe Sevigny....just that makes me want to see this....... Now that I have saw it, not bad....amazing to think that was a true story!

Blue Valentine

Not bad, a little confusing at the beginning....very sad, esp the end

The Wolfman

This was alright.....it had a good storyline, if they would have shortened it to take out all the crap so you could actually pay attention, it would have been better......

The Resident

Not what I was expecting, but a good story….

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

This was a GREAT story, emotionally draining, and engaging. Even though it was over two hours long, it did not seem like that at all. There was one storyline that I wished they would have answered a couple more questions about, but overall, VERY well done. The footage of 9/11 was very hard to take, bring tissue, you will need it......

Take Me Home Tonight

It almost did not seem "80's" enough, I know that sounds odd, but that was the best way to put it...the sound track was great....just not the rest of it, LOL

The Woman In Black

Did not care for this too much. I hate when they have a great back story, and then just get lazy with the details and mess it up...which is pretty much what happened here....the best part, was the last two or three minutes....

Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner (1967)

I had not watched this until this week.....to be honest, I did not think I would like it, and I didn't, I LOVED it.....what a great movie, just enough comedy that you are not upset throughout, but with a really powerful message. With this being done almost 50 years ago, they were people really ahead of their time.....and I cannot say enough about Spencer Tracy's speech at the end, very tearful......


Had a few good laughs, interesting storyline....not the movie of the year or anything, but funny enough.....lots of nudity....


It was alright, not as good as the original, and it kinda lost me at the end when it got too romantic...I did not even watch the last ten minutes or so.....I did think Helen Mirren was great though!

Something Borrowed

I had this clicked as "Not Interested" which would have been right, but I saw it anyway....and it was not half bad....although, I must ask, am I the only one that thought that it was Darcy getting screwed over? I was not cheering for Rachel, I thought what she did was terrible....

Silent House

I heard not so great things about this movie.....but decided to check it out anyway, and I give it three stars because....during the course of the movie, it was a little slow and there were times if you wondered if anything was going to happen or not....however, the ending was very shocking, I did not see it coming at all, and when it pieced together by the end, you knew you had seen a good movie.....if they could have done it a little more intense at the beginning, that would have made it a four star movie.....

You Don`t Like The Truth: 4 Days Inside Guantanamo

It was a great subject matter that needed to be heard.....it was fairly well put together....I certainly hope the world does not view Canadians as those men behaved....I hope they are ashamed of themselves.....as Canadians, we should know that we do not treat children like that....

Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory

Excellent, there were really six victims here, three that lost their lives that sad day in the early 90`s and the three young boys they pinned the murders on that lost their youth to prison for a crime they did not comment.  If you are not aware of this case, this would be a great watch for you.

WOW, I guess I watch a LOT of movies…

I do love movies, I go to the theatre more than anything else though….I love that one Tuesday afternoons, I can walk into an almost empty theatre, get my movie ticket for the latest movies for only $5 and come in at the last minute, so I actually have hot popcorn when the movie starts.  I am going this week to see Friends With Kids, and next week to see 21 Jump Street.  The one I am really waiting for though is American Reunion.  I have actually taped the first three on my DVR and when D gets here next weekend, we are going to watch one of them each weekend for three weekends, and then go see the new one on the fourth weekend (since opening weekend is Easter anyway)…

Alright, well, that is all for now…I have a few blog topics in my head, and come next weekend will have a little more free time on my hands…so, until then readers.

Unknown Sister

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Finally after two long ass months, I am back online!  Thank God, LOL.....

Anyway, I do not have time right now, but look for more posts coming your way soon!  Do I ever have a lot to blog about! 

Unknown Sister

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Setback

That seems to be the theme here lately.....like it is not in my control to blog or not.....

Well, now my home PC is broken.  Z was chatting online the night before New Year's Eve, and the PC tower made a loud POP, and shut off.....and never turned back on.   I called Dell, and was told it was about $300 to repair, actually, for parts only, as someone from work was going to repair it.....

Anyway, long story short, I am going to buy a new PC, but need a few weeks to get the cash together......

So, until then readers.....ciao

Unknown Sister