Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Anonymous Comment

Well, life is pretty much back to normal now….thank God.  We are loving the new place, and aside from me having to harass the kids to pick up after themselves, everything is running a lot smoother than before.  Being summer though, it is rather busy around here.  I try and get out with the kids at least once per week, and take them out to do something fun….I always feel guilty when they are sitting around the house while I work.  I remember when G was little and he was in daycare, and that made me feel better, as at least he was getting to play with friends and do fun things, play outside and even have the odd day trip.  Now they are at the age where they go out with their friends once and a while, but when I am at work, they are mostly just in the house…..

So, I have noticed that I have an anonymous reader…..I have had four comments posted that way, and I am thinking they are all from the same person?  Sounds like someone that can identify with me, and maybe even thinks a lot of the same way I do (so far), but maybe is still working out some of their own thoughts.  Well, whoever you are, I am glad you are enjoying so far, and please keep letting me know you are reading, or what your thoughts are….it took me a while to find the first few comments, as they get put into a ‘spam’ folder, but I have it all figured out now, lol.

Things with ‘my girl’ kinda finished now.  During all the chaos of my move and such, she ended up getting back together with her ex boyfriend, and I am not really a fan of that.  Then, as I was too busy to spend time with her, she actually started exchanging messages and even went and saw another Dom (male), and then emailed me to tell me that was the stupidest thing she has ever done, and wants to know how to fix it.  I told her there was no fix for that. 

i should never of even spoke to him…..i thought he was a really nice guy spoke to him on a friend basis……..but still feel like a jack ...... about the whole thing... i wish i could take everything back……….i am terribly sorry…………..Ma'am will you please forgive my stupidity?................ Ma'am  i am really sorry. i hate disappointing you.... i really do… there anything i can do to fix this………..i know i cant erase the stupidity……and i know that i cant "fix" this so to speak i just want you to know that i am truly sorry for disappointing you and making you upset with me…….this is really the first time i have ever done something  SOOOOO stupid in my entire life...and i have done some pretty stupid crap”

“I am very disappointed in you, and the way this happened.... what did you want me to say? what did you think I was going to say? want to pretend this did not happen….are you serious?  Or just nuts??...............there is no way to fix this.”

So, I guess that is the end of that….too bad, I kinda liked that girl, but she knew that would not go over well, and she has seen me get rid of others for even lesser offences, so that WAS rather stupid on her part.  Funny, her ears must be ringing, because she JUST messaged me as I finished typing this. 

I had a pretty good shopping week, I saved about $185 in ad matching and coupons, so that is a great week, IMO….it does take a long time though, that is for sure…..about four or even five hours here, to get it all done, and another few hours shopping….but even if you work that out, it is still worth the money, its double minimum wage in savings at least, lol.

Today is Sunday, so for the most part, that is my lazy day.  I do a few things on Sundays, like folding laundry, but that is about it….most Sundays anyway….if we go out for the day, then it is not too relaxing, but we do not do that more than monthly on a Sunday.  Next Sunday I am working, which I am normally VERY against (for myself, not everyone), but I took a shift for another girl so she could go away for the week, it’s the first one I have done in over a year, so I do not mind too much. 

However, most Sundays are like today….I wake up….I do all my morning stuff (wash face, brush teeth, etc), then I log online.  Usually by that time, D will have a hot tea ready for me, and will be making brunch.  Today we had bacon, eggs, toast and homefries.  YUM.   Then for the next couple hours, I have been hanging around online while D works around the house, right now I think he is hanging up things in Z’s room, then G wanted him to sew some pants.  After that, he will make dinner, and we will all eat together at the kitchen table.  After that, D usually cleans the kitchen and a few other things (he LOVES to clean, many times our nose and eyes are burning from bleach, his favorite), and then we will all sit around and watch some TV together….tonight is Big Brother….which we all love….and I think Z and I are gonna watch Brokeback Mountain together.  She has not seen that yet, but it is one of my favorite movies.  The whole concept and story of losing someone you love more than life, but just could not be with because of the reality of your own life haunts me.  I have lived through it, and when I saw that movie, I always thought that few people got that like me.  And those of us that do get it, or have lived through it, I am sure love that movie even more. 

Well, I guess that is all I have to say for today….I have so many topics I want to blog about, but right now, my mind seems to be blank….guess its cuz I am hungry…..have a great week readers….look forward to hearing from you!

Unknown Sister

Saturday, July 9, 2011

IT"S OVER!!!!!!!!

Thank God!!  I do not know who would do that more than once unpurpose……

Everything went alright, no major problems and I am already all settled in and chillin.  The finally moving week was quite intense, I had a few fights with D (which is pretty uncommon) and was pissed off at A quite a bit, she was rather useless during this time.  But overall, went pretty good.  We worked for five straight days for about 16 hours a day, but that was all the moving over, cleaning, unpacking and even tacked my shelves in my WALK IN GROCERY PANTRY……I love that….in my last place, I had groceries, paper products and cleaning products stored all over the place.  Now, they are all in one area, and I can stock pile my most used items much easier.  Even Z, who has the job of putting away groceries once they are in the house, says she loves it, and is much happier to do her job now. 

On Thursday I took my kids out for lunch and a movie to celebrate that we were all done….that was my one day in over a month that I was not busy either moving or with work.  We went to the Mandarin to stuff our faces, and then to see Bad Teacher, which was an alright movie.  I love Justin Timberlake as an actor, he is SO funny and is just a natural talent.  Then we came home to watch Big Brother.  I love that show, it has to be one of my absolute favorites.  This year they brought back one of my favorite couples from the past, Jeff and Jordon…..they are SO cute…..cannot wait to see what this season has in store for the houseguests. 

Today is Saturday, and I plan to sit around my apartment all weekend and do a whole lot of nothing.  I wanna do some cleaning, and some couponing, but nothing too intense or stressful.  I really need to spend some time relaxing in front of my TV too.  I just need some downtime, plus my DVR is almost 100% full as I have not been able to watch much TV in the last month or so.   I just need to relax for a couple days after the brutal last few weeks I have had….and I am assuming gonna have a rough day Monday as well…..have been having an ongoing issue with my boss that I think is about to come to a head on Monday morning…..we will have to see. 

Things with the girl I was playing around with kinda died out now…..back to the drawing board I guess.  She wanted more than I could give her, and then she found it with someone else.  This has been an ongoing problem during the years we have known each other, but this time it will never go back again.  I am having one hell of a time finding the kind of play partner I want.  It’s almost like looking for a unicorn.  They either all want to get married or just have random sessions.  Neither of which interests me, I like something rather in between, but I can understand/see how a lot of people would not like that, so, I just take my time, and look around, not rushing into anything.  Sooner or later I will find someone I am compatible with again, I have found it before, a few times, and every time has been amazing, and well worth the wait.  I do not really have much free time right now, so I guess it’s for the better anyway.

As for now, just trying to get through life is challenge enough.  Until the next time…..

Unknown Sister