Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lazy Days

Today was so lazy, I didn’t get anything done that I wanted to.  I basically fucked around all morning online, and then a friend called that was playing hooky from work and we went out for lunch.  Now I am making a video on Xtranormal about customers that are insane and drive people nuts.  I saw one today that was a Starbucks video, and it made me laugh forever, so I thought I could write one of my own.  Then off to make the kids some dinner and watch Parenthood tonight, I love that show.   I have finally picked up a few followers via the blog hop.  Hopefully will have more soon.  It’s hard when you first start a new blog to have people find you, especially when you are going for private followers that you do not actually know.  I know this blogs taste is not for everyone, but I am hoping to find people that can appreciate my point of view and humor.  Also readers that have some of the same interests as me, I say some and not all, as it is a pretty wide variety…..

I worked doing customer service for over a decade, and really enjoy it for the most part.  But sometimes customers can be ridiculous, and that is what the video is about.  So, I am going to spend my time today making that instead of writing here….so I hope you enjoy!  When I have it done (which could take a while), I will post it here….for now, please enjoy the Starbucks one I found so funny.

Stupid Starbucks Customer - Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.....

Oh yes, one more thing, TOP TEN TUESDAY:

Ten Shows I Loved That Got Cancelled Way Too Early

Better Off Ted


Sons Of Tucson

Dirty Sexy Money

The Mole

Fear Itself

Whose Line Is It Anyway

Thank God, You’re Here

Monk  (They never played the last season in Canada, which I am now going to have to find elsewhere)

Da' Kink In My Hair

Unknown Sister


Anonymous said...

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Unknown_Sister said...

Well, thank you very much....I certainly hope you keep reading....