Sunday, March 20, 2011

What the fuck is wrong with people????????

I fucking hate people.  Seriously, like all people, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the world these days.  There is WAY too much hate out there.  I know I am a bit of a bleeding heart in this aspect, but I don’t understand why everyone can not just get along.  Ironically, when most people talk about this they are usually talking about the wars in the world.  That is not really what I mean.  What pisses me off the most is just day to day, one on one hate.  After all, how do you think most of these wars start…usually from one moron that finds other morons that share his point of view….Hitler anyone?  This is not what we are here for.  What a waste of energy.  What a waste of time.   Even though white people seem to be the worse offenders, this problem is NOT exclusive to them.

I guess since most or all of you reading this don’t know who I am, I do want to start by saying, I am white, Italian to be exact. 

SOME white people seem to be so fucking racist it makes me sick.  I know this, I work with the public, I see it every day.  You would be surprised (or maybe not) how freely some white people will speak nasty about other races when only other white people are around.  I literally, have had people I don’t even know, or have never met before in my life, will look around to make sure only other white people are around, and then say some stuff that I cannot even repost, as it would make me angry.   What the fuck gives them the right to be such ignorant bastards?  If I am just out in public and this happens, I will tell the person right where to go.  If I am at work, then I usually reply something to the effect of:  “I don’t feel the same way” and then basically will not say another nice word to them, ever again…..  

Of course, when talking here, I am being very general, like I said earlier, I am white, and do not share these views, and there are MANY more like me out there…..

Being in Canada, I always wondered why white people thought they were so fucking great.  They are not even the natives of this land.  Actually, this goes for the United States too.  Every fucking white person here is an immigrant of some kind, at some point.  Who the fuck are you to be able to say how people should look, what languages they should speak, who they should marry and who to pray to?  Who the hell do you think you are?  What until God gets hold of you, you nasty little fuckers, and see what he thinks about you treating something He created with hate.  Which brings me to my next point …….

You cannot, I repeat: CAN NOT believe in God AND be a racist.  The two do NOT go together.  How can you claim to love God AND also claim to hate SOMEONE He created?  God created ALL races….in fact, God only created ONE race, the human race, and man took that and twisted it into all kinds of racism.  Every single race, every one, has good, bad and indifferent in it.  You cannot peg a whole race on the actions of one person, or one hundred people, for that matter.   And what exactly is it that makes YOU superior to another race?  The fact that your ancestors lived further away from the equator so you don’t have as much pigment in your skin?  Really?  REALLY??  Grow up dumbass……

One other thing.  Some white people have learned that it is not politically correct to say things about black people in general, (although I don’t doubt behind closed doors they say what they really feel), but for some fucking reason, they think it is just fine to say things about other races…..what the fuck is up with that?  Seriously…..”Oh, don’t use the ‘N’ word, that is NOT cool”.  {Next breath} “Doesn’t some paki run that store?”  Its Pakistani you stupid fucktard, not only that, but not EVERY FUCKING brown person is from Pakistan.  Some are from India, some from Afghanistan, some are even from OTHER PLACES…..perhaps you should get your stupid ignorant ass an atlas and globe…… a racist is a racist is a racist….it doesn’t bloody matter what race you are ignorant to.

Now, lets move on to black people.  Again, I am speaking VERY generally.  And again, I will start by saying that my life partner, and all my children are black.  I am NOT a racist.  In fact, from reading the beginning of this post, you already know that.  Why is it that some black people think EVERYTHING is about race?   I have been called a racist several times in my life, including a few days ago…..and every single time, all I can do is sit there and be dumbfounded.  I will ALWAYS speak my mind and stick up for flat out racism like that, even against my own family, and yes, that has happened....although, I bet not where you would think it to come from....but that is a subject for another blog.  I hate when black people think everything is about race.  I even had a good friend one time that used to use that a little too often, and  I thought it was rather strange.  For example, one day she came downstairs to chat, and I was on the phone, having a very heated argument with a close friend.  She knocked on the door, and I answered, on the phone and clearly upset, and I told her it was not a good time (she lived in the apartment right above me), and that I was busy.  When I was done on the phone and had calmed down, I went upstairs to see her, and apologize for being hasty (but not rude), and her reply was something along the lines of “Oh I was wondering to myself, what, is she a racist?”  Really?  REALLY??  Because I was busy and upset you assume its cuz your black?  Even though I take care of your children like they are my own?  Really?  That just made me sad.

Now, let’s talk Jamaicans.  I love me some Jamaicans, but man, are those some homophobic people.  It’s like they teach it at school over there or something, for real.  Now, just for the record, neither my partner, nor any of our close friends are homophobic.  I don’t doubt we have some acquaintances that are, as I bet you, the reader, do as well, and might not even know it.  I don’t think I could be close friends with someone that was clearly a homophobe.  If you don’t care for homosexuals, that is your business, I might not care for you, but keep your stupid opinions to yourself, and don’t butt your nose into their business.  What business is it of yours who someone wants to sleep with....if it’s not you, your spouse, or your underage child, then guess what.....NOT YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS......

Whatever goes on between two consenting adult, is just that, CONSENTING, and if YOU are not involved, they don’t need YOUR consent.  See the pattern here?   And another thing, if you don’t like gay marriage, DON’T HAVE ONE! 

Now, it’s obviously not only Jamaicans, or black people for that matter that are homophobic, I have met many an uneducated white person too, but it is accepted more in the black community.  That is why there is a higher likelihood for black men to be ‘on the down low’.....

Insert random thought:  if society as a whole was not so homophobic, we would not have near as many gay people either lying to themselves or someone else, and not coming out until after they are married and have children with a partner they are not in love with. 

You know, it bothers me more so that Jamaicans have a problem with homosexuals than whites.....the way I look at it is this:  As a race of people that was horribly mistreated and oppressed throughout history, you would think they would have a little more compassion toward another minority.  Don’t we all bleed red, no matter the color of our skin or who we have sex with?  I thought “We The People” meant EVERYBODY, not just the ones that look and behave like you....

And those that go on about the Bible or God being the reason to hate gay people, think about these things.  If you are a follower of the Old Testament, then I certainly hope you follow ALL the rules set out in it, and not just harp on that one.  You are not a Christian, so I have a different belief system than you, and I won’t speak what I don’t know well.  One thing though, why would God make homosexuals if he did not love or want them?  If you don’t think people are born gay, read on, I will get to that later. 

If you are a Christian, that means you follow the New Testament, which is the word of Jesus Christ, son of our Lord.  This means two things.  Number one, chances are, you wear mixed fabrics (Leviticus 19:19), eat pork (Leviticus 11:17), eat shellfish (Leviticus 11:11), or work on Sunday (Exodus 35:2).  All of which is written in the same book as the verses about homosexuality being an abomination.  All these other things are an abomination as, which is it? You cannot have it both ways. And those are only the ones I picked out, you can find many, many more.  Secondly, it means you have to love one another and not hate anyone. THAT is what Jesus says.  

Why waste your time hating another group anyway…..where has that ever gotten us in society…..It just makes you look ignorant and uneducated…..and the sad truth is, when brought to task to argue your point, I have NEVER seen someone that is being prejudice actually win an argument, as there is no basis. 


Talking specifically about homosexuality now, or I guess race as well, how can you hate someone for being born a certain way?  Homosexuals do not control their sexual orientation any more than you control your skin or eye color.  Some people think that gay people choose to be that way.  I am shocked to know that some people did not know that it is something that happens in the womb.   There are so many points to this, it’s almost silly.

First of all…..who the hell would CHOOSE to be something that makes you a second class citizen in most places?    Who would choose to be something not always socially accepted?  Who would choose to have to struggle to tell their family and friends?   Who would choose to be outcast, and possibly homeless when their parents don’t understand?  Homosexuals have twice the rate of suicide attempts.  This is because they live in a society where they are told that something is wrong with them.  They live in a society where some of them would rather be married, or not date at all so nobody knows, they live in a society were some of them would rather be dead.  How terrible is that?  Society in general should be ashamed of itself, for the treatment homosexuals over the years….among 5 million other things…..

Secondly, have you never seen that VERY gay 4 year old?  You know the one I am talking about, that at 4 he is wanting to play Barbie instead of trucks?  And at 6 wants to try on his moms new shoes?  And at 10 wants to hang out with all girls cuz the boys don’t share the same interests in him?  And at 14 does not date at all cuz he is confused as to what is going on?  And at 16 still has a high voice and NO interest whatsoever in girls?  Do you think at 4 years old he decided he wanted to be gay?  Really?   REALLY??  If you answered yes to that question, then I am sorry to tell you, but, you truly are a fucking moron.   A lot of parents of gay children, know their child are gay before they are even told……not always, but sometimes it is obvious right from the get go.  Some homosexuals you cannot outwardly tell, but they are still gay from the beginning, they are just not so ‘affected’…..

Third thing, if you think being gay is a choice, think of it this way…..could you (assuming you are straight) just choose to sleep with someone of the same sex?   If the thought of that turns you off, or even makes you sick….could you choose it?  I didn’t think so….nuff said.  If you didn’t understand that, you’re beyond help.

Another thing.  Nobody is married for twenty years and then decides to become gay.  They were ALWAYS gay, they just either did not know it themselves, or are hiding due to the stupid society we live in.   

I guess that is a long enough blog for this time around….I could go on and on, but I think anyone reading gets the general point….if any of this offended you, I don’t apologize, as it’s all true.  Please, leave me your comments, and thoughts….til  next time…..A LUTA CONTINUA…..

Unknown Sister 

P.S. - I have no idea why three paragraph in the middle are all in caps,I have just spent half and hour trying to figure it out, and can not, so I have just left it, but it was not meant to be that way.....


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Ha ha, I like it. Good on you for speaking your mind and blowing your lid. New follower that hopes you come for a visit to my crazy world via bloghop :)

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Husband and wife live the same life.