Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life will calm down next week....I think....

Once again, it is time for Top Ten Tuesday......and once again, I have no new blog to view....but I am PRETTY sure that life will slow down slightly in the next week......I have been working on a new blog for a few days, and pretty expressive and heartfelt one...hopefully I dont offend too many people...but then again, I dont care, that is why I am here, to speak my mind, and do I ever....

I am hoping to have the new blog up Sunday morning at the latest....but it might be before that....in the meantime, here is this weeks top ten to tide you all over....

Top Ten Movies I Hate

Black Swan

The Fourth Kind

The Devil's Rejects


10,000 B.C.


The Black Dahlia

The Hills Have Eyes

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Lost In Translation

Unknown Sister


Canadian Coupon Mom said...

Thanks for visiting www.canadiancouponmom.ca Im now following you :)

I have only seen the hills have eyes and didnt like it either..

Unknown_Sister said...

Yeah, it was pretty terrible....I would recommend staying away from the rest on that list too, lol