Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This was the life story of Biggie Smalls, AKA Notorious B.I.G.

I was a pretty big fan of his back in the day.....and was sad to see him die.

That said, this was a pretty good movie, although it was rather choppy, I think they could have made it a three hour movie and held it good with a little more flow.

I think it was an interesting choice to have Angela Bassett play his mother, without even trying a Jamaican accent......

I loved that they played back from his childhood, and not just once he was famous.

Worth the watch....

Unknown Sister

Titanic 3D

Well.....as 3D, this was terrible...the best 3D effects were at the beginning when they were underwater looking for the safe. They totally wasted it....I should have felt water coming at me when it was rushing down, felt the ship falling into the ocean as it raced to it's demise.....The story itself was as wonderful as always, but the 3D was just a wasted effect....

That said, I LOVE the story of this movie.....I love the whole forbidden love story, and the fight to do what is in your heart when it is different from what is in your mind. That is something most people stuggle with in everyday life.....so it makes for an interesting story to play out.

It is amazing to think that there were so many wasted lives, esp ones that could have been saved. That part always tears me up.....esp when you see the old couple laying in bed together, the mother tucking her children in with a good night story, and mostly, when the priest is praying with people falling down all around him and holding onto his hand for dear life.

What a terrible tragedy. May God have mercy on all the souls of the real victims.

Unknown Sister

21 Jump Street

This was a great flick!  I love the play on the 80's show, and the cameo at the end is well worth the wait. 

It was funny and action packed......I did not even feel the need to check my watch!  Good storyline, and great acting.....do see this....

Unknown Sister

American Reunion

This was classic American Pie....I loved the first three, and if you did too, do not miss out on this one.  The storyline was great, and funny as hell......to see all the old crew back was great too.....esp the cameos at the end....

Some of the scenes really made it hard to hold in the laughter.....I esp liked the front yard fight scene at the party....outfits and all!!  And as usual, Jim's dad steals a lot of the scenes.

Not much else to say, it is a comedy, and it will make you laugh, go see it!!

Unknown Sister