Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who Am I & Top Ten Tuesday

Who am I?  That is the question that has a million answers.  
I am a mother.  
I am a movie buff.  
I am a sadistic Domme.   
I am a coupon clipper.   
I am a cook.  
I am a pot head.  
I am a Catholic.  
I am a lesbian.  
I am polyamorous.  

I could go on and on and on.  I will talk about all these things over the course of this blog.  You might find reading this that from time to time, I sound a lot like a man.  Or so I have been told over the course of my life 750 000 times……even though I admit that I am very male thinking, I assure you all that I am 100% female, just not 100% woman, lol.  My ex D used to call me Man all the time, thinking it was an insult.  I have female friends that depend on me for a male point of view.  Funny, cuz in other areas of my life, I would say I am very female.  Being a mother is my number one thing in my life, and I am not handy around the house at all, that is why I keep men around, hehe.    Men are handy for  a LOT of things.  As much as I love and prefer woman on a sexual  level, I would not want to give up everything a man can do for me.  For a long time, I used to think I was bisexual….which, ironically, I don’t even believe exists anymore.   That is a topic for another blog though, that is for sure. 

I have seen at least two people have read my posts….that is a start, I guess…..I have just gotten started myself, gotta start somewhere I guess.  My birthday is right around the corner, I am going to be 35 this year….man, where does the time go….it’s hard to believe that I am approaching middle age, and have teenagers…..how did that happen?  Don’t get me wrong, I love life, and it’s been quite a journey, but too fast!  I cannot say I miss having a baby or anything, cuz that would be a lie for sure, but I might miss having a five year old sometimes, they are so much easier to please than a teenager.  Outside is snowy and cold, and I hate this time of year as well.  Why couldn’t I be born in the summer when the weather is nice?   My friends were desperately trying to get me to go to a bar this past weekend, and I was so not into it, I am SO glad I cancelled too, esp since my weekend ended up being crazy and I was insanely sleep deprived.  When I was younger, there were several years that I practically lived at the bar, or bars, I should say.  There was a small group of us that you could find at the club every weekend, and another couple friends that I used to party with during the week even.  We would travel up to two or more hours for the right party or club, and man, we got ourselves into some jams along the way, that is for sure.  I had one crazy friend named J that would always be great for a night out, but also, could get us in SO much trouble.  I will have to write more about that sometime, I have a few stories that I am sure would be good for some laughs, and then some. 

I guess I should get going to bed….I will leave you with the first top ten list.  I am going to try and post one every Tuesday, until I run out of ideas anyway….so, here is the very first Top Ten Tuesday:

Top Ten TV Show I Love
Random Order

Queer As Folk

Law And Order SVU


Saturday Night Live


Modern Family



Big Brother

Nurse Jackie

Until next time………

Unknown Sister

P.S.  For the two readers that left comments and now do not see them here, I apologize.  I was in the mailbox for this blog, and deleted the comments, thinking I was deleting them from the mailbox only, not the blog itself....still learning my way around here, please do not let it stop you from leaving more comments, they are always welcome.....

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