Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's up out there? Top Ten Tuesday....

Hello again out there.....

This last week has been eventful, but fun.  Saturday I had a poker party for my birthday, and it was much fun.  Although, most of my friends run on CP time (coloured people time), so even though I said dinner at 6pm, I still had people arriving up to 8pm.  We had a bite to eat, well, a few bites, lol...and smoked a couple of blunts, and played a few games of cards.  My one friend’s DIL even made me cupcakes decorated like the Italia flag!  That made my night.  I was slightly worried beforehand, as there was tons of drama the day or two before the party, lasting right up to the afternoon of, but once we got started, it was all smooth sailing, thank God.  This is the group of people I call my ghetto framily. Framily means, more than friends, not quite family.  Although, there are a few I would consider straight up family. 

I don’t have much natural family.  I have two children, one birth child, and one adopted.  I have one sister that I speak with, but she lives far into the states, and we are not all that close.  I have three other siblings, but I don’t know, or care to know, where they are.  That is a topic for another blog.  Both my parents are deceased, my father way too soon, my mother, not soon enough.  I have some family that lives pretty close to me, one city over, but my mother made sure she killed that relationship before she died.  I chat with one or two of them on facebook from time to time, but that is about it.  The framily I  have is way closer to me than those.  Sometimes I feel pretty alone in the world.  Most times, I love to be alone, but the world is a big place.  I have a partner, that is wonderful, but we have a complicated relationship. In this blog, I call him D2.  He would do anything for me, as I would him, and he listens very well, lol.  He says he cannot live without me and even though I identify as a lesbian, I love him very much, just not that way he wants.....

In the last few years, I have lost a few friends as well, one I truly miss, but she hurt me deeply.  The other four, I think my life is easier and less stressful without and although at times I miss them for certain things they did, overall, I do not regret for ten seconds they are gone.   I also have several friends left from grade school.  You don’t see that too often, but I have about five that I talk to on a regular basis and another five or so I see a few times a year.  I have one close friend that I have been through lots with, I call her R.  I love her like a sister.  I want to send her a card this week telling her how much I love her and miss her.  We have had two totally different lives, in every way you can think, but that never torn us apart. 

I think this week I will also write a letter to Buju.  I know he probably gets tons a day, but given his current situation, he doesn’t have much else to do.  I hope he is keeping well.  I know its kinda strange to be so invested in someone I don’t actually know, but his music has been with me for the last 15+ years, and at times, has carried me through a lot. 

Well, I must get on with my day, I have a few jobs I want to do, before going to the movies tonight with my kids, to see Hall Pass.  On that note, I will leave you with this weeks Top Ten Tuesday:

Top Ten Books I Love

The Book Of Negroes

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Exit To Eden

Here’s The Deal, Don’t Touch Me

The Green Mile

A Child Called “It”

Michelle Remembers

The Perfect Victim

Slow Death

Are You There Alone?: The Unspeakable Crime of Andrea Yates

Unknown Sister


Marilu said...

A Child Called It, was a good book, but a bit disturbing. Have you read the sequels, The Lost Boy and A Man Named Dave?
I am not really a fan of Stephen King, but The Green Mile is on my wishlist.
I have not read The Book of Negroes (aka Someone Knows My Name), but have heard many people say that it is a great book.

Unknown_Sister said...

I have read the sequels, but I found the first one was the loudest. It was very disturbing I did not sleep properly for days after reading it.

Green Mile is AMAZING...that and Rose Madder are my favorite two King book. A must read...

The Book Of Negroes was great, I could not put it down for some time, and considering how long it takes me to read a book, esp in the winter, I was on it. It keeps your attention right from the beginning too....