Saturday, July 9, 2011

IT"S OVER!!!!!!!!

Thank God!!  I do not know who would do that more than once unpurpose……

Everything went alright, no major problems and I am already all settled in and chillin.  The finally moving week was quite intense, I had a few fights with D (which is pretty uncommon) and was pissed off at A quite a bit, she was rather useless during this time.  But overall, went pretty good.  We worked for five straight days for about 16 hours a day, but that was all the moving over, cleaning, unpacking and even tacked my shelves in my WALK IN GROCERY PANTRY……I love that….in my last place, I had groceries, paper products and cleaning products stored all over the place.  Now, they are all in one area, and I can stock pile my most used items much easier.  Even Z, who has the job of putting away groceries once they are in the house, says she loves it, and is much happier to do her job now. 

On Thursday I took my kids out for lunch and a movie to celebrate that we were all done….that was my one day in over a month that I was not busy either moving or with work.  We went to the Mandarin to stuff our faces, and then to see Bad Teacher, which was an alright movie.  I love Justin Timberlake as an actor, he is SO funny and is just a natural talent.  Then we came home to watch Big Brother.  I love that show, it has to be one of my absolute favorites.  This year they brought back one of my favorite couples from the past, Jeff and Jordon…..they are SO cute…..cannot wait to see what this season has in store for the houseguests. 

Today is Saturday, and I plan to sit around my apartment all weekend and do a whole lot of nothing.  I wanna do some cleaning, and some couponing, but nothing too intense or stressful.  I really need to spend some time relaxing in front of my TV too.  I just need some downtime, plus my DVR is almost 100% full as I have not been able to watch much TV in the last month or so.   I just need to relax for a couple days after the brutal last few weeks I have had….and I am assuming gonna have a rough day Monday as well…..have been having an ongoing issue with my boss that I think is about to come to a head on Monday morning…..we will have to see. 

Things with the girl I was playing around with kinda died out now…..back to the drawing board I guess.  She wanted more than I could give her, and then she found it with someone else.  This has been an ongoing problem during the years we have known each other, but this time it will never go back again.  I am having one hell of a time finding the kind of play partner I want.  It’s almost like looking for a unicorn.  They either all want to get married or just have random sessions.  Neither of which interests me, I like something rather in between, but I can understand/see how a lot of people would not like that, so, I just take my time, and look around, not rushing into anything.  Sooner or later I will find someone I am compatible with again, I have found it before, a few times, and every time has been amazing, and well worth the wait.  I do not really have much free time right now, so I guess it’s for the better anyway.

As for now, just trying to get through life is challenge enough.  Until the next time…..

Unknown Sister

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