Friday, April 15, 2011

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What a week, what a week.  Life is never boring around here, that is for sure.   Tonight I am gonna try and take it easy a bit.  I went out with A for lunch today, as we were both off work, so tonight I am just gonna make dinner, and watch a few shows, while I get my shopping list (ad matching) ready for the weekend.  I am gonna have to pick up a few Easter treats for the kids this weekend too, as I will go shopping after Easter morning next time.  I cannot believe that Easter is so close!  Easter is my favorite holiday of all!  This whole time of year, I just LOVE it.  I know that most people get like this over Christmas, and not too many people even see the big deal in Easter, but I am kinda the other way.  Christmas is nice and all, but it’s WAY too much of a commercialized spectacle.   Too many people forget that it is about the birth of Christ.  And if you are not a Christian, what the hell are you even celebrating??  Drives me batty.  Anyway, my point is, I LOVE Easter, we always have a huge celebration, and love to indulge in all those Lenten sacrifices that we have missed for the last 40 days.  This year seems to be a tad quiet, some years we have lots of people over, sometimes it just us.  So, this year, it will be me, my partner (D), the two kids, and then my second partner (O), and his two kids…..should be a nice quiet family holiday.  Must buy a turkey and some goat this weekend for Easter dinner, and supplies for a nice dessert fondue.  O calls himself my second husband (even though I am not married to anyone, and am gay)…so that is why I called him my second partner here.  He does everything for me, does things for my kids, fixes things, takes me out…..he just does not get bedroom benefits, LOL.  He is a pretty awesome guy though.  He is one of my best friends.  My Brethren.

I only watched one movie this past week.  I am a film buff for sure, I LOVE movies, and try and get at least one a week in, but don’t always have time.  I watched ‘The Experiment’ on Sunday.  It was a pretty good movie.  Great cast, good story.  Loosely based on the Stanford Experiments.  If you don’t know what that is, read here:

The movie starred Adrien Brody, Forest Whitaker, Maggie Grace, Fisher Stevens and Ethan Cohn.  It was a remake of a German film called ‘Das Experiment’.  Well worth the watch....esp if you are into either prison movies as a pastime, or prison scenes as a fetish. 

I am hoping to catch a couple more movies in the upcoming weeks, like Scream 4, Insidious, and maybe even Arthur.  I am hoping to see one over the weekend, and perhaps another one Tuesday night (cheap night, only $4.25 a movie).....

Prison scenes can be very interesting in movies.  I have never done one in real life, per se, but I do like interrogation at times as well.  It’s strange, cuz I would say that I don’t like role play, but this is different, its not like I am pretending to be someone I am not....I am just setting my slave up for something.....I don’t dress in a uniform or anything, that is what I think is silly. 

In the next week or so, I am going to have a session with a girl I have been playing with on and off for several years.  I am not in a ‘relationship’ with her, but I do see her from time to time.....mostly for a BDSM session....once in a while for an EpiCure party, LOL.  she got herself into some trouble with me, some pretty serious trouble, she has never done that before.  I am chatting with her now, she is having a hard time with the whole situation.  her ex husband thinks its great, he is enjoying know that she is in big trouble.  Sounds like he needs some help with his slave as well.  I don’t mind mentoring a fellow Dom/me, we all have to learn somewhere.  Besides, I have done it a few times, and it can be kinda fun too.....

Well, I guess that is about all for tonight, it is rather late, and I still want to have a bite to eat and finish watching Parenthood.  I know these blogs are kinda random, but I am hoping that is why some of you love it.....the next few blogs you have to look forward to are, my savings on this weekend’s shopping trip, my session with that girl, and if I decide to pick up mentoring her ex, and Easter Sunday, a big celebration.......and with that, I will leave you with a Top Ten, since I did not make it one Tuesday.....

Top Ten Websites I Use







BTW, I just want to point out for those of you that are confused, and I know you are out IS possible to be religious AND kinky.  My relationship with God is personal, and has nothing to do with my sex life.  I LOVE my God, and I love Jesus Christ.  I am a sexual person, and I don’t think God would have made something so beautiful if we were not supposed to enjoy it.  I am not hurting anyone (unless they allow me to, lol), and everything is between two loving, consenting adults.  

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