Friday, May 6, 2011

Obama, Osama, Harper and the girl.....what a week it has been......

Wow, its been like two weeks since I wrote a blog….this past week has been an INSANE week… fact, insane does not even begin to cover it…..I have had more problems and stress than I care to count for one week…..I am just hoping it’s over now…..tomorrow, I am doing as little as possible….I am gonna wake up, finish this blog….fuck around online, cook myself some brunch….watch some TV….go for a walk if it is nice…..cook dinner, have a shower, read for a while, and go to bed early…..YES, it’s gonna be a great day!  I just wanna forget this last eight days even happened…….

I went shopping over the weekend…..did alright, but nowhere near my best….saved about $85.00 between ad matching and coupons.  My two Jamaican guys think I am a nutball…..but they both love me best….so that is all that matters….lol.  It was another late night too, for some reason, it seems they only work late on shopping week…..O also told the girl that shopping with me is torture… which, I replied, of course, that torture was my specialty…..Hahahaha

The girl I speak about, is one that I have been training, off and on, for a few years now.  Because of her lack of experience, and the constant strain of illness and chaos that has been my life….and the fact that she always has had a secondary partner….it’s been more off than on.   As of late, it has been heating up a tad again….

She sells Epi Cure products.  I wanted to have a party last fall.  The rep I knew was having a hard time coming at the time I needed her.  Then I found out this girl sold it as well, so I booked the party with her instead…..all went well, and we have been talking more…..I have told her I do not care for her having secondary partners….I like to have several partners at once but am not a fan of sharing myself…..well, sometimes it’s fun, and sometimes ok but sometimes it just gets in the way….like with this girl.  Well, over the course of the last while, this girl has made some bad choices.  She left me waiting on her once, which was not that big a deal, esp since she was not the driver….but I do not like to be kept waiting, esp for slaves. 

However, the bigger mistake, by far, was outward disregard for my rules.  I have explained to her, like any others I am around that there is certain behavior I do not care for from a slave, that I find very unbecoming and rather inappropriate.  One of these is swearing.  I swear, a lot, maybe more than the average person.  But I am aware that in certain places, it is not appropriate.  That goes for slaves as well.  However they want to chat amongst themselves or whenever I am not around, I really could not care less, BUT I do not think it is appropriate to hear it coming from a slave’s mouth, so I do not want to hear it when I am around.  One night, we were chatting online, and she just totally disregarded this matter.  I was shocked to say the least, and this is when I realized that even if she was not mine, I needed to make sure she still remembered her place, or this was just going to snowball.   It would not be good for either of us, if I let it go so far that it caused problems.  As of now, she has written me out lines, and is doing a daily assignment until I see her next Friday to give her a more direct and swift punishment.  That should put the matter to rest, I do not think she will make the same mistake twice.  Once all that is done and over, I shall post some of her assignments for my readers to see.  

This girl really has no idea what she is in for.  She will not leave here without blood, sweat and tears.  I will make sure she understands what I expect and does not just do as she pleases with me again.  She is rather inexperienced, I think that that vast majority of her experience has been with me, and as I said earlier, we have not seen each other that much….so, what happens Friday will not be so much what I plan to give out.  It will more so depend on how much she can take……but I will make sure she suffers enough that she will not want to repeat this, and that she does not forget any time soon. 

One of the funniest parts of this is that her ex husband is also on fetlife and has read her notes and such, and just thinks it’s hilarious, he cannot stop laughing about it, and even offered to take photos for me. LOL    

Well, its Friday now, and I had the worse sleep ever…..stupid construction guys working on the balconies, first thing in the morning, when it was already suppose to be done……I was in bed until after 11am.  Mostly because I was being woken up every ten minutes to them working and/or talking, so the sleep was so broken it was crappy…..I had the STRANGEST dream too……

My sister is on her way to Ghana, Africa, right now as I type this.  She is going with 9 other people from her work for two weeks to teach in a school and work in an orphanage….she is an avid traveler and has been to every single continent in the world now after this trip.  I always worry when she is away, even though we are not close, I still love her and her family.  And she has two small children, and is the families breadwinner……travel makes me nervous, so I do not do it myself, but even her doing it is enough to cause me stress……good luck to her though, what an amazing experience and awesome thing to do.

It’s been a pretty big news week as well.  With our Canadian elections and Osama being killed.  Our election pissed me off to no end.  First off all, it upsets me that Canadians are so stupid to trust our country to someone like Harper.  WTF is wrong with us, guys??  This guy wants use to become the US, and while I love my sister and many other Americans, and while I love the states in general, and am glad we are right beside them, I do NOT want to be them.  If I wanted to be American, I would move to the states, so I do not need the states coming here…..this guy wants more or bigger prisons, he wants to take away gay rights, and buy fighter jets…..and lock up pot smokers……and fuck us all up the ass as hard as possible while not using lube to save on costs, WTF people???    I am not the only one upset either….let me share with you a few of my favorite status messages from the night of the election from facebook,……

Congrats, Canada; you are an idiot. Watch what happens next..

~Conservatives are like Nickelback. I don't know anyone who likes them but they always seem to do well.~

every Canadian should protest till Harper is behind the bars he supports so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Harper again people... seriously???" "Do you need him to come to your house and rob you, before you realize he's a crook?" lol...

Welcome, Canada, to the United States of America. Idiots...

I just knew the pale zombie with Lego hair would win again....

The United States are liberal and Canada is conservative? Yeah definitely didn't see that coming.

As you can see, I am far from the last person upset about this.  Not only am I upset that this nutball has another four years to fuck us all over, but I never realized until this election, how messed up our voting system is… is it possible that we have a MAJORITY government that only 39% of us voted for?  That in itself is fucking retarded…..seriously… would take too long to explain our voting system here to a non Canadian, but it’s stupid.   The long and short of it is this, each city votes in a MP, and then for every seat or MP that party wins, its another vote for the Prime Minister, basically.  So, to take it into small numbers to understand, the vote would look like this:

City A has 4 residents, 2 vote CON, 1 votes LIB, and 1 votes NDP….giving CON 1 seat.

City B has 5 residents, 3 vote CON, 1 votes LIB, and 1 votes NDP… CON 1 seat.

City C is bigger, and has 20 residents, 5 vote CON, 3 vote LIB and 12 vote NDP….giving NDP 1 seat

As you can see, NDP got 14 out of 29 votes, and CON only received 10 out of the 29 votes, but because CON won two of the three seats, there is a CON majority, and a CON Prime Minister…..fucking stupid…..there is something wrong with our system when we have a majority government that does NOT represent a majority of Canadians……

The next major news story this week is the demise of bin Laden.  This coverage has been bothering me as well…..I think it is great that we got him, and I do not disagree with them killing him, he was dangerous, and needed to be stopped….period.

What does bother me, however, is all the after effect.  First of all, as a Christian, I do not celebrate ANYONE’s death.  Secondly, do you all really think it is wise to start making a big song and dance out of the whole thing?  Do you not think there is not a bunch of other nut cases dying to take his place?  We had to get him, we got him, now shut up about it.  Let’s not make a mockery of this whole situation.  Let’s not forget the real issue at hand which is those 3000+ people that lost their lives almost ten years ago, let us not forget that is who it is really about.  And as far as releasing the photos of the body, I think Obama made the right choice.  The media is not entitled to everything, and again, do you not think that might piss someone off?  Also, I do not want my children seeing that, and I do not want anyone else’s children seeing that either…..why do we need to see that??  And for those saying that perhaps Obama is lying, I think that is so stupid, I HAVE to reply.  bin Laden’s favorite thing to do all these years was letting out tapes about how stupid the US is….do you think Obama would take that chance, so a tape could be released next week?? Really?  REALLY?? 

Of course, the one thing I did not talk about yet was the Royal Wedding….and you know why….cuz I DON’T FUCKING CARE.  Seriously, people all over the world get married every single day…..get over it…’s not like William even did anything to be famous, he was just born into it, and Kate slept her way into it, big fucking deal.  I will say though, that I would have just been indifferent to the whole thing, except for the fact that the day before the wedding, over 300 people died in the US from tornados, and you could not find coverage for that to save your life.  Really CNN?  REALLY??  Shame.

Well that is all for now, dear readers, I do hope you enjoyed my rants and stories this time along…..

 Unknown Sister

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