Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well, have now found out that I will not be moved until the weekend of July 2nd and 3rd.   I guess the guy in the office was confused....oh does give me a couple more weeks to get things together.....the only bad part is that I can not get phone, cable or internet service until the about 48 hrs.....such is life I's not like I ever plan to move again, lol.

Lots of other things going on......things with my girl have kinda fallen apart, but will have to write a longer blog about that next month....and trying to save my son from losing his job (again), that is causing me massive stress.  And my best friend has lost her mind, but again, that is a topic for a longer blog.   Look forward to all of those coming next month....

So, take care for the next month readers, will be back then, for sure, with LOTS of stories that I would not dare tell the people that actually know me....

Unknown Sister

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