Friday, May 20, 2011

Why can we not just fix all the wrongs done to our kids in life?????


What a month.  My poor son has had life chew him up and spit him out this month…, and now I am kinda nervous that something else bad might be coming his way….I will always try my best to protect him all I can, but I can only do so much…..

It started two weeks ago, when I got a call from a newspaper service that my son delivered.  It’s a rather long story, but the long and short of it is that they offered him a route that was NOT suitable for  a kid, or teenager, or anyone that was not driving the route, to be honest…..he tried his best for several months, but they called him that day, and fired him.  Needless to say, he was very upset.  He has become very used to having his own spending money, and he was also upset feeling that he failed this.  Two days later, I was able to get him another job with a different paper.  One problem down, several more to go.

Last week, a week after this, he was walking home from school, and his iPod slipped out of his hand, and hit the sidewalk, and cracked.  And I mean CRACKED, the screen was in a million pieces.  I felt terrible for him, and he felt horrible too, of course.  Those things are not cheap, I think he paid almost $400 for it, out of his own money, that he made, doing papers for hours and hours each week.  The next day, I call Apple, and get a total jerk on the phone, that basically tells me that even though he has had it less than 90 days, and BOUGHT A CASE THAT WAS SUPPOSE TO PROTECT IT FROM THIS VERY THING his only option was to buy another one, which they offer at half price cuz this happens so often.  Well, that did not sit well with me, so I looked around for an Apple store, as I heard they could do a screen repair.  The closest one was an hour from where we live.  Brilliant!  So, I make an appointment at the ‘Genius Bar’ for a week later….which was today…..anyway, back to his week.

On Monday, his basketball got stolen from right in his classroom, RIGHT AT THE TEACHER’S DESK.

Then Wednesday, they had a book fair at school, so he brought his wallet.  When it was time to go up to the book fair, his wallet was gone.  Someone went right into his backpack and stole it.  It contained $70 cash, his bank card, a future shop gift card, and a Dave and Buster’s card with about 1300 tickets on it.  Not to mention that was a new wallet that I just bought him for Christmas.  Unfortunately, He did not tell anyone while he was at school, as he was afraid that he would cause a problem, to come home and find it sitting on the table or something.   When I got home, he told me, and I emailed the school, the next morning I talked to the Principal, but of course, once it leaves the school, it’s too late to get it back.  I felt really terrible for him again. 

The next day, I told him to head to the bank to get a new bank card.  So he walked there after school.  I was at work.  He called me when he got home, to tell me that he got his new card, and went into the restaurant next door to the bank to get himself some dinner since I was sick and working late, and the kids were on their own for dinner.  On his walk home, he fell in the mud, got covered in it, and his dinner ended up all in it too.  My heart was just breaking for him at this point, I mean, how much can one 13 year old take??

Today, I went to the Apple store, and got his iPod replaced, for free (thank God), so, that is good.  The police came, and took a report about his wallet, and talked to his class.  But you all know, as well as I, that his wallet is gone forever.  He found his basketball today out in the field behind the school, so that is good.  And I got him some dinner on the way home, lol, just cause.

The thing too, is that my son is a really good kid.  He has worked his hardest his whole life.  Sure he messes up things every now and again like any kid, or any person in general, but overall, he is a really good kid.  He never gets in trouble at school, I have never had any major problems with him here at home, he is a good student, and hard worker and very loving and giving.  He gets up every morning at 5:30am to deliver papers six days a week, and plays on school sports teams, and maintains an A & B grade average....which is no small feat for a kid with ADHD.  He also does his chores at home without problems, and is very polite and well mannered (sometimes a little too much if you ask me).  Its just hard to see such a hard working kid get such a shit deal sometimes.  Esp all at once in a two week period like that.

Now, the only thing left that is bothering me, the paper route he has now is going good, but they called first thing this morning, and I have no idea why.  I know that they are affiliated with the one he got fired from, so I hope nothing weird is happening that way.  When I got home at noon, I called back, and then called another 50 times during the afternoon, and could not get hold of anyone!  Maddening.  For someone with an anxiety disorder like mine, it will never leave all weekend it will be in the forefront of my mind.  It could be any number of things they are calling about, but right away my mind goes to the worse one.  If I get any more bad news for my son, I do not think I will be able to handle it, never mind him.  Although, I do have the argument that the first route was SO not suitable, and he has been doing good on this one, also, he had a similar route for another paper that he did successfully for a year, until it self-dissolved……I am just so irritated that I could not get anyone on the phone the entire afternoon to put my mind to rest….oh well, I guess all I can do is hope for the best…..have a great long weekend everyone!

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Canadian Coupon Mom said...

Poor kid.. that is horrible.. But at least he now has a new ipod.

I like reading your blog but have a hard time with the white on black.. not sure if anyone else has told you that or not..