Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Same shit, different day....

Now that all my son’s bad days are behind him, I am ready to kill him again.  I finally talked to someone at the paper office today, and sure enough, he has been missing one customer every day.   I am sure it is just that he is trying to learn the houses…..the lady at the paper place was a little short today about it though.  When I went and met her, she was super nice, so I do not know if she is just having a bad morning, or what, but he needs to correct this problem now.  It is just a matter of him memorizing the houses, which he thought he had, hence the one missing daily, mostly the same customer, so he did not remember that house.  Problem fixed easy enough, hopefully.  Then today, I asked him where his drop sheets are, and he informed me that he never takes them with him.  So I asked about where his garbage is, and he told me he just leaves it where he picks up his papers.  Really?  REALLY??  So, today, I made him go and collect it, and told him that I want to see that every single day, along with his drop sheets, so I can see if he is missing people or not, and to ensure that his garbage is getting to the garbage…..This better be the end of this problem, cuz I do not want to deal with that lady again!

Today I am on my way off to the doctor.  I see the doctor a lot, as I have a few chronic health problems, but today is different.  12 days ago, I got a cold.  Fair enough, I do not get those too often, but when I do, I get hit, and hard.  I had a fever and was super sick for the first four or five days….since then, I seem to be getting better except for one thing, my nose.  I can blow and blow and blow and it never, ever stops.  And it has killed my sense of smell and taste.  I mean, killed it.  I am so sad to have gone over a week without smelling or tasting anything.  And I mean ANYTHING.  I bought extra strong mint halls, which normally I cannot even handle, and I might as well have been sucking on a button.  Its maddening.  I just want to be able to taste something, anything.  I miss food.  I do not even want to eat certain things, cuz I almost feel like I am wasting it.  Now, here is the biggest piss off to this problem.  Two weeks ago, I had plans with a friend to go to Red Lobster for dinner, I had to cancel as something came up.  Actually, it kinda pisses me off, cuz that thing that came up was also postponed to the next day, so we could have gone for dinner.  Anyway, then I got sick, so we decided to wait, and then this week I told her, we would go next week, as I am not able to taste anything.  Well, I saw a facebook update today that said that the promotion we were going to enjoy (festival of shrimp) ends on Thursday…..so, now we have planned to go Thursday, and I am going to pray I can taste some of it, or I am gonna be livid. 

At this point, I am kinda assuming I have a sinus infection or something, and need antibiotics.  I just hope whatever she gives me will make me feel better fast.  I am so sick of being sick!  There is a small deli across the street from the DR office too, and sometimes when I go, I will have lunch there and read a book, have some alone time that I crave more often than I get it, but it’s rather pointless when I cannot taste the food.  And I am so sick of blowing my nose!  I must own shares in the Kleenex company by now!  I have been using the ones with Vicks in them, not that I would be able to tell by smell.  I actually rubbed Vicks all over my nose and under it, and I could not tell at all, might as well have been Vaseline.  I would love to be able to smell again too! 

That is really all for today, there is so much more I could write about, but will have to wait for next time, as I must get ready to see the DR…..I will, however, leave you with a Top Ten for the week, as it has been a while since I did that.

Top Ten Things That Piss Me Off




Stupid Laws or Lack Thereof A Law When Needed (i.e. Cannabis Prohibition or No Law To Protect Homosexuals Against Discrimination In Certain States)

Child Abuse

Animal Abuse


Judgmental People

Two Faced People

Unnecessary Drama

Unknown Sister

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